BustBlackouts.com is a team of lifelong NFL fans who live in a city often subject to television blackouts, leaving local fans in the dark - unable to watch their gridiron heroes without considerable time, effort, and expense.

Our goal is to help fill all NFL stadiums, specifically in cities that can't fill them without some sort of intervention. By pooling our collective resources, we can Bust Blackouts in a short amount of time. Join the team!

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It’s free, easy to sign-up and you will have a chance for tickets to a home game! Plus you’ll have access to a fast growing sports based member driven website. Connect with fans of your home team around the country. Members can meet up with the BB staff for an unforgettable tailgate party. Join the fun!

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Bust Blackouts is proud to announce we are sponsoring a youth soccer team called the "PIXIES". The "PIXIES" did not have a sponsor last year, and Bust Blackouts was happy to step-up and help out. GO PIXIES!

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LOGIN TO SEE IF YOU HAVE BEEN AWARDED TICKETS! Thursday Night Football tickets will be awarded to Ray Bayquen. Reminder: All winners will receive at least 2 tickets to the game. Ray Bayquen is going to the game!

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06/11/2013 10:00am – Welcome to NFL 2013! It’s going to be a fun season of football. Bust Blackouts will have a variety of fun promotions this year. Please keep checking the website for upcoming events, give aways, and helpful FF information. Bust Blackouts is excited to bring our members a great NFL season!

Remember contributions amassed will be used to purchase tickets for the possible blacked out game. When we get every Chargers fan on the Bust Blackouts team, it will be easy to end blackouts in San Diego.

We are announcing more great promotions soon, so check back frequently, and don’t forget to go to the ‘Games’ page to contribute to help lift blackouts.

Ticket Winners – Congratulations!

Members going to the game:

Chargers vs Chiefs Thursday Night Football
Ray and Friend

Chargers vs Broncos Monday Night Football
Stacy and Friend

Chargers vs Falcons
Janelle and Ashley

Chargers vs Titans
Tamara and Friend

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About Bust Blackouts

BustBlackouts.com wants everyone to enjoy home games without having to spend the kid’s college fund. Whether you want to watch the game at home with friends and family or you want to spend a day at the stadium cheering on your team with fellow fans, we are here to make your football viewing experience better and more affordable. By pooling our resources we can achieve our ultimate goal: buy up enough tickets to lift blackouts in your city so everyone can watch the game on TV. The tickets purchased with the contributions will be distributed to members so they can attend a home game. There will be winners to every home game we raise enough money to purchase tickets. Members who are to receive tickets will be posted on the website, so please login to see if you were chosen.

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